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Sunset Lake

Uner the sea children's wall mural
Children's mural - Under the Sea in a Pediatric Dentist's office

My murals have qualities of peace and beauty, and are realistic or illustrative.You, your family and guests will always find inspiration and pleasure in them and you will add value to your home or business.

I work with fast-drying, non-toxic acrylic & latex paint-----which has a relatively pleasant odor and will last, without fading, as long as the wall it is painted on.

I work with people's ideas, dreams and favorite photos or images they may have. Of course, the price may vary according to how much detail you want but I will try to find ways to accomplish this without going over budget.

My murals are affordable. A typical small mural is 10 feet wide by 6 feet high. It takes about four days to a week to complete and would be around $1500 and this includes materials, driving expenses, and 2 coats of a non-yellowing, non-cracking, acrylic satin varnish. You can use this size mural to get an idea what your mural may cost. Please call me to talk about your ideas.

"Technique follows inspiration."
My custom painted murals and decorative work are limited only by one's imagination. "Where there's a will, there's a way" holds true in my aesthetic approach. There is, or can be, a technique to achieve most any kind of effect. Inspiration comes first, then follows technique. I've struggled in the past with artist-friends, teachers and books to try and re-create clouds or ocean waves. After achieving a reasonable sense of realism in the element of water I was then able to translate this knowledge across the other elements of earth, air and fire, or light. Leaving my customers with a sense of awe is my goal. You will be taken "there"; there being that special place, that dreamy world we all seek that's lightyears away from the harsh everyday one in which we find ourselves.
Paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to transform one's home or business. If one wants "ethereal cloud effects", I'll find a way to do it. I work with my customer's fantasies, visions, dreams, or photographs and with what I can do. Collaborating in this fashion produces art that is both personal and unique. The beauty of paint is that it's forgiving. There are no mistakes, only mis-adventures. Experimenting with ideas and effects, in a small area, take little time and negative results can get quickly painted over.
Working with the customer in this way guarantees satisfaction get what you want and more.

I hope to inspire you to try "color blending" instead of choosing one flat wall color. Translucent color blending uses a glazing liquid mixed with a desired color which then can be repeated with another favorite color and so on. It may also be interesting to try some color on a ceiling instead of traditional flat white. The choice has always been white because decorators decided long ago that this makes us feel that the ceiling is higher than it actually is. This may keep our claustrophobia in check but does nothing to relieve our subconscious depression as a white sky is a cloudy sky. I've experimented in my home and in some of my customers with painting the ceiling a very light sky-blue, or with some light aqua-sky-blue and the results were refreshing.

mural door
This is a closed office door, I hid the door handle in the penquin's beak

Faux window
faux window painted
This is a window painted on a flat wall


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Mount Fuju mural

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